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Enjoy your event at Spasso Ristorante

Spasso has a fabulous set up for catering events, both on the large scale and smaller scale. Choose from excellent menu choices along with a complete set up for your wedding, anniversary, retirement party or any special occasion.

For a beautiful and successful event

When planning your event at Spasso Ristorante, you will sit with the chef and discuss and choose what you would like, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your event will be a success.

Complete banquet facilities

You can also choose to use our banquet hall as your event setting. We can accomodate parties varying in size ranging from 50 guests to a max of 200. We can host multiple parties at one time. Our banquet hall rates are reasonable and affordable. We will help you decorate the hall to your standards, ensuring that your event is beautiful.

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For great catering in Stoney Creek, Ontario call Spasso Ristorante. We look forward to assisting you with your special event and making it a memorable one.




Antipasto All' Italiana
(Assorted cold cuts, cheese, olives)

Prosciutto & Melone
(Ham, melone and bocconcino)

Antipasto di Mare
(Marinated seafood)

AntiPasto Alla Siciliana
(Combination of seafood & prosciutto/melone)


Zuppe E Minestre

Tortellini in Brodo di Pollo
(noodles in chicken soup)

(Chicken broth, paremesan cheese & egg)

Brodino di Vitello
(Strips of veal & bite size meatballs)


Pasta Selections

Fettuccini, Penne
(red, white or rose sauce)

(meat & cheese)
Lasagna al Forno
(baked lasagna)
(meat or cheese)
(meat or cheese)
(potatoe dumplings)


I PRIMI - Our First Meat Selections

Veal Dishes
Vitello alla Parmigiana (breaded veal, tomato sauce & mozzarella)
Vitello alla Marsala (veal sauteed in marsala wine)

Chicken Dishes
Chicken cor don bleu (stuffed chicken breast, ham & cheese)
Pollo alla Parmigiana (breaded chicken, mozzarella & tomato sauce)
Chicken Scalopine (white wine sauce)
Roasted Chicken
Chicken Cacciatore

Meat Dishes
Roast Beef
Salcicca al Ferro

Oven Roasted
Parsley Boiled
Roasted Parisienne

Seasonal Steamed Vegetables
Baby Carrots
Whole Green Beans
Peas & Carrots Diced

Le Insalate
Tossed salad
Tomato Salad (in season)
Garden Salad
Caesar Salad


I SECONDI - Our Specialty Meats & Fish Dishes

Seafood Dishes
Frittura di Pesce Tradizionale Mediterraneo
(small fish & seafood lightly tossed in flour and deep fried)
Saute di Cozze e Vongole
(mussels and clams in their shells, tomato sauce)
Pesce alla Maranara
(assorted oven baked or steamed seafood & shellfish)
Seafood Medley
(Shrimp & sea scallops sauteed with oyster mushrooms & fennel served in a creamy vodka sauce, served over a bed of rice)

Specialty Meats
• Agnello al Forno
• Shishkebobs
• Porchetta


Optional Selections

•Frutta Fresca
•Italian Pastries
•Ice Cream Desserts •Specialty Cakes
•Espresso/Cappuccino •Tartufo •Hors D'oevres
•Sweet Table with Decorations

15% Gratuities 13% H.S.T


Spasso Ristorante | 940 Queenston Rd. Stoney Creek, Ontario L8G 1B9 | 905 664-7817
spassoristorante@live.ca | www.spassoristorante.ca